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Coming in May!!

The Anointed

7 Issue #11

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Written and illustrated

by Brian Bradley

Guest cover artists

Raymond Leonard & Ernest Jocson

20 pages full color!


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Comic book releases

Without further adieu....



The Vision Bible

"Many artists, One Voice!"

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"Many artists, One Voice!

The Vision Bible is a collaborative effort of over 35 artists. It is a VERY unique showcase of a wide variety of styles, from artists all over the world: Each artist bringing their artistic interpretations to the many books of the Bible. Some of the books were illustrated in short one or two page summaries, while others were more expansive in their telling. In the end, each book that we attempted to illustrate was portrayed in a way honorable to the original text.

We have Manga artists, comic book artists, portrait artists, painters, some artists worked with markers, some with just pencil, and some with computers. The finished product is a 212 page spectrum of style and talent, producing a panoramic Vision of the Word of God!



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